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Leonard Jones

Revolution Worship School

I believe worship is a lost art. I believe the foundation of worship is a strong understanding of the Scriptures, coupled with the experience of moving alongside the Holy Spirit. I believe training in all the classic disciplines is ultra important in raising up Worship that is on par with the new Tabernacle of David to be released into the Earth. Starting August 12 everything is going to change (for a few). Accepting only 12 disciples of Worship for class of 2019-2020
Leonard Jones

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We have a clear vision and directive from God given to us over the past 25 years. We are committed to provide a place for worshipers... leaders... singers... musicians... songwriters... and artists to be equipped. To build the next tent post in the restoration of  Davis's Tabernacle. To establish a place of creative freedom and passionate expression in the worship of our Living Christ and God... Jesus. To build a world class studio for releasing new sounds and songs unto God and as a blessing to God's people.


We are a fellowship of followers and worshipers of the Jesus the Messiah. Here everyone is welcome.. nobody is perfect... and anything is possible.



420 West Third Street
Dover, Ohio  44622

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